You’ve probably seen ‘Alkaline’ or ‘Alkaline Diet’ before but how many of us have our bodies in an ALKALINE state? And what is that for that matter?

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading lately on this topic & I am so interested in it! I am still learning / discovering news things on this topic, but I wanted to share what I’ve learnt so far as I know it will do wonders for your life!

Our bodies can be in 2 different states ‘ACIDIC or ALKALINE’

Naturally our stomachs are VERY acidic – this is to break down food.

An alkaline ‘diet’ helps your body maintain an alkaline state (while maintaining the natural occurring pH level in the stomach). This allows your body to perform & function at its best while preventing disease.

Due to consumption of many processed foods and a chemical environment, many more people are likely to be in acidic states these days. Eliminating these foods & products will do wonders for your health.

Benefits for an alkaline diet are: 

·      Increased energy levels

·      Body functioning at it optimal level

·      Help you achieve a good nights sleep

·      Slows the aging process

·      Research suggests it can lower the risk of cancer/ disease


·      Stay away from PROCESSED foods & FRIED foods

·      Keep your diet high in nutritious vegetables & fruits (high alkaline ones)

·      Avoid REFINED sugars

·      Exercise – For your body & your mind

·      Water – keep quality high (purified where possible)

·      Green juices are great (nutri-bullet is the best way to keep nutrients in)

I’ll keep you posted as I learn more on this topic!

N xx