Model Search

Friday 19th March 2016



As well as doing my Bikini division I decided to enter the Arnold’s Model Search! This was something that put me out of my comfort zone and actually made me super nervous!

Girls from across Australia had entered for this amazing event!

In the Model Search we had a fitness round and an evening wear round! There were 4 judges, plus online votes were taken as well!


After I got off a stage for my bikini show I went and saw everyone that had come to support me. I had a couple of hours between and I had to go back to our apartment to get my Model Search clothes. We lost track of time and I didn’t want to risk leaving so Fran and Jake kindly decided to go back to the apartment to get my fitness wear and my dress.

While they were gone I went to pick up my competitors number from backstage (I was number 8) and it was then I realised how soon I had to be on stage!!! I was on at 4pm and it was about 3:40pm. All the other models were already backstage getting ready. I tried super hard not to stress but I was getting worried! All I was thinking was WHY didn’t I just bring the stuff with me this morning! (Which Jake kindly pointed out to me while this was all playing out haha) I messaged the guys and told them.

Jake came sprinting backstage with my fitness gear and I literally had to had to get dressed straight away as we were about to start! Thank goodness for Jake and Fran, they saved the day!

Fran came backstage a few minutes after with my evening wear! She stayed backstage and helped me get dressed which was amazing. I love having her at my shows, she’s the best support ever.

As we lined up side stage I had NO idea what I was going to do on stage. I had only practiced for a couple of minutes the day before in our hotel room. I had spent all my time and effort preparing for my bikini show that I left no time for this one! I did know one thing though – I was going to have FUN!

Out we went for the fitness round… don’t even ask me what I did on stage because I have no idea haha!

Once that round was done we all quickly changed into  our evening wear. Thank goodness Fran was there with me because my dress is impossible to zip up!  I had the most beautiful red dress for the evening wear round.

All the models went back on stage at the end and the top 3 were announced. I came 3rd! I was SO happy. Hannah placed 2nd and Lindsey came 1st!

Once photos were taken we all came off stage and had a photo with Chef Pier.

We were briefed on what to expect over the next couple of days. We were given the opportunity to present the Pro’s with their trophies at the Friday night show (Pro Figure & Bikini) & the Saturday night show (Mens Pro Bodybuilding)!

We headed straight over to the Plenary where the Bikini and Figure Pro Shows were being held. Simone (AMS Coordinator) took us out the back. We walked past the stage and I was so blown away! It was insane! As we headed out the back to the green room, the three of us had our hair and makeup done… in the same room as the pro girls! While I was getting my makeup done, I couldn’t help but stare at them!

Already it was a crazy experience and the night hadn’t even begun. Simone took us side stage where we were able to watch the show (peak through the curtains) and she briefed us on what we would be doing.  While we were doing this I noticed Steve Cook was side stage with us! I literally was so excited and I had to get a picture with him.

Once the trophy presentations began, we (the models) were partnered up with the sponsors and we walked them out on stage to present the flowers and medals to the athletes. This made me so nervous because of the amount of people in the crowd – but adrenaline kicked in and I actually don’t remember all that much from doing this.

Once this was finished, we headed back to the green room to grab our stuff and again saw so many Bikini girls that I look to for inspo. It was so cool to see how the Pro’s set up before shows, what they are like in the dressing room and just their  attitudes before and after show. It was nice to get a little insight. I ran into Steve Cook again in the hall and he remembered my name!! Fan girl moment! I got another picture with him because we decided the lighting was bad side stage!

I also got a pic with Narmin, she is SO sweet and SO tiny! I looked tall compared to her!

By this time it was about 9:30pm and I was ready to eat. I caught a taxi over to Flinders Lane where Fran and Jake were. We went to a cute burger place called Metro Burgers, burgers and fries are my go to Post Comp treat.

I had the best night ever and was so thankful to finish it with my best friends. We had so much fun hanging out after the shows.

We got back to our apartment around 11:30ish and I was so exhausted, definitely ready for bed.

In my next blog I’ll share with you the rest of my Arnold’s weekend – Shopping, Mens’ Bodybuilding Finals and MEETING ARNOLD!

N x

Backstage Steve Cook Lindsay, Hannah & Myself

Narmin & Myself