If you follow me or any other Bikini Athletes, you’ll often hear us refer to ‘Peak Week’

Peak Week is the week prior to a Body Building Competition.  The pinnacle.  The very final opportunity to maximise your physique, tighten things up and get ready for ‘Show Day’.

For me personally, Peak Week is a mixture of highs and lows. This week tests you mentally and physically – but at the end of the day, its where it all comes together.


‘Trust the Process’


The Peak Week process means that EVERYTHING gets the once over – diet, workouts, travel arrangements, all your glam, sleep – anything that gets you prepared for stage will need to be checked… then checked again!

Peak Week will be different for each competitor. It can mean depletion, carb ups, extra cardio, watching water intake. This is where your Coach comes in!  As an athlete I rely on my coach 100% through my prep, what he says goes and I follow everything he tells me to.

From a client training perspective, I personally don’t prep athletes for shows – but would 100% recommend Mike Debenham (IFBB Pro) if you are looking for a coach! (http://www.mikedebenham.com.au)


During my typical Peak Week, I still work leading up to my competition (depending on travel time), however I generally schedule all my clients to the mornings.

I check in with my coach, Mike regurally during this week – as a lot can change and he is there to oversee that. This can be any where between 3 and 4 – even up to 6 times in this week.


Training is a given in this week. We leave nothing in the tank. I’ll train twice a day if I have to. I still keep my cardio up, and the intensity of my training remains high. This is difficult, but at this point I just have to put my headphones in and do it!

My meal prep is still on the go for this week – but I usually just pre cook my meats and weigh on the day (in case any changes are made).

My Glam – all very important as we are judged on our whole stage presence, not just our physique – including how we are presented with our hair, make up, jewellery, bikini, etc.

This week I’ll have my Hair done (SUPER important!) by the girls at Becky B in Caloundra! http://www.beckyb.com.au

I regularly have eyelash extensions anyway, but always get a fresh set before show. I got mine done last week at Doll Lashes and Brow (in LOVE).


I do my own nails (to save money), and usually do them the day before show. I think I’ll go a light peach colour this time!


Tan – Base Coat is usually done a day before the show. I see Hannah from Shique Beauty and HIGHLY recommend her for any one competing. (They do Comp Packages) https://shiquebeauty.com.au

Queensland State Shows are usually located on the Gold Coast, so travel isn’t tricky at all. I am fortunate enough to have my Dad on the Gold Coast so I’ll stay with him the night before!

If competing doesn’t interest you but you would like guidance on fitness, health, body transformation and lifestyle, I can help you!

Ng x

Season A is fast approaching (10 weeks to be exact) and I’ve got my head down bum up for my Arnold Classic Australia show. 

This event is being held in Melbourne in March and I will be competing in the Open Bikini Division.

I’ve also decided to do the Arnold’s Model Search again this year!

I’m looking forward to being a part of the 2017 Arnold Model Search. Last year I had the best time! I met some amazing girls at the event and had some great opportunities!  I placed 3rd in last year’s Model Search & would love to come back this year with a different look!

Please Vote for me! The online votes determine the stage run & would love your support!


I’m so excited to head back to Melbourne! This time I’ll be with my boyfriend Eli, my best friend Jake and good friend and amazing support Narelle!

Before we head off I will be competing in the Arnold Qualifing event –the Gold Coast Classic. 

Coming into these shows I feel I am lot more relaxed and head strong. 

I’ve busted my butt in and out of the gym and I am looking forward to seeing the changes my physique has made! 

We’re looking for wider back, shoulders and bigger peach! 

Ng x

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5 shows last year! What a BIG year in the IFBB world for me. 

Gold Coast Classic (Feb) 

The Arnold Classic Australia 

Bikini Division (Mar)

Arnold Classic Model Search (Mar) 

Queensland State Titles (Oct) 

Australian National Titles (Oct)

I learnt a lot last year and have really enjoyed seeing the changes in my physique. 

Competing has been one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. 

This sport tests you – day in day out. 

It’s on your mind 24/7 

We don’t just show up to training do our thing and then leave. 

This sport requires you to make it a lifestyle.

I train twice a day, eat my measured meals 6 times a day, and practice my routine every day. 

Your whole world ends up revolving around this sport – and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

It’s taught me so much discipline with my training, nutrition, my time and sleep. 

I’m stronger mentally than I’ve ever been before and have learnt to roll with the punches. If it pushes you down you get straight back up! 

I want to encourage girls out there – either new to or seasoned to the gym and training… To keep at it! Every day will bring you closer to your goals!

Ng x

IMG_7839 IMG_7929

Coming off the back of my highly successful 6 Week BootyBuilding Program, I have now launched a Summer Saturday morning Plump Your Peach Class!

If you want to strip fat, tighten your peach and get your body ready for summer this class is for you!

What: a 45 minute workout that targets your Peach (Booty), thighs & tummy while getting you in the FAT BURNING zone.

Where: Based at the beautiful beaches on the Sunshine Coast

When: Next in take starts 3rd December (4 week blocks must be secured)

Cost: $80 for 4 week block

Spots are LIMITED. 

We are currently coming into week 4 of the first in take & spots will fill up FAST for our next start date.

To secure your spot or if you’d like an information pack please contact me on:


Big Love

Ng xx

I can’t believe I haven’t already shared this with you guys!

I was voted the Sunshine Coasts Favourite PT!!!!

I feel so blessed and loved by everyone who shared their kind words and voted for me.

Anyone who knows me knows I am so passionate about my job. I love helping empower females through exercise, education and mental strength. To be recognised for this means the absolute world to me!

Below is the link from the Sunshine Coast Daily!

Check it out in The Sunshine Coast Daily

For those of you that aren’t based on the Sunshine Coast – I do mentor and train client via online, if you’d like to know more please contact me via my contact link. I’d love to help you achieve your goals!

Ng xx


Corporate Wellness is something I am so passionate about and I am extremely proud of Trinity Performance’s Corporate Wellness Program. Its an aspect of my career that not many know about and I’d love to share!

We have been working on this program for over 18 months now, running successful pilot programs and achieving great results in both staff health and productivity of the businesses.

The Corporate Wellness Program gives us the ability to go into businesses and better the lives of everyone involved in the business – all employees including staff, management and owners – all levels, no hierarchy!

For the businesses, our aim is to improve the health, quality of life and overall happiness of their employees, in aid to better work productivity and minimise staff turn over and absenteeism whilst improving staff moral. There’s also the importance of team building, and this is a very exciting part of our program.

Throughout our programs, we educate on –

Exercise – Conducting workouts for employees. The aim is to increase physical activity and educate attendees on the benefits exercise has on both the body and mind.

Nutrition – We hold seminars on healthy eating, educating on daily eating routines, calories, food types and choices as well as how to shop for the right type of food.

Daily Routines and Goal Setting – A number of goal setting sessions are conducted. This is highly important for both health goals and work related goals. We also educate on the importance of creating daily routines and their proven benefits.

Recovery Techniques – Providing daily stretches that promote postural balance. This is especially important for our businesses programs with office based staff.

Mental Strength – Through both exercise and our seminars, we teach the importance of the power of our mind, positive mind frames.

Team Building – We do this with team building activities that can either be exercise based or office based. These are both fun and challenging for the employees and results have shown long-term positive effects on all relationships.

I have had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with so many amazing people with this program. It is just so fantastic to see the power in what we can bring. Some of the people we work with have never had the opportunity to do something for themselves. The opportunity in having us come in with education and training has changed their lives for the better. Seeing the changes to their mind frames and life attitude is so amazing. It’s great to see people put their health first and cool to see the flow on effect it has in the other aspects of their lives.

If you have a business or team of staff that could benefit from our #CorporateWellness Program, please send me an obligation free email today and I can provide you any information you require, or answer any questions. I’m here to help and love doing just that!

? info@naomiglover.com.au

Ng x

As my comp prep is in full swing again for Season B, I thought it was perfect timing to share this post!

I’m 10 weeks out from the Queensland State Titles, where I will be making my Opens Debut (I’ll be posting on this soon!). 

This is a post someone suggested I write; we thought it would be it would be a good laugh for everyone to see all the funny & dumb things I’ve done while on Comp Prep (trust me there were a lot of  crazy moments)!

The closer I get to my shows, I tend to start making some pretty funny mistakes! 

Here’s my top 8 Funniest and Dumbest moments whilst on ‘Comp Prep’

8 – Tripping on the treadmill. While at walking pace. I tripped so badly one morning I winded myself! Tripping tends to happen every day…

Leading in to comp I do my cardio on the treadmill (this way I can ensure I have a good pace) BUT I tend to forget how to walk! 

 Trying to walk super fast (arms swinging everywhere) with my phone in my hand … Aaaaaaand chucking it through the air. My phone suffered a beating during my last prep, I did this walking next to a busy road one afternoon… LUCKILY it didn’t end up under a car. Somehow.

6 – Bursting into tears because my partner at the time didn’t weigh my rice properly. Then continuing to fuss over it for 10 mins and making a scene about how my food needs to be measured to the gram. 

– Becoming socially awkward & constantly palming myself in the forehead for all the dumb things I said in front of people! 

4 – Dropping a 20kg plate weight on my toes while training a client… this hurt like crazy! 

3 – Crying because I couldnt work my computer. 

2 – Napping in my car… any chance I got! Not only is this dumb but so dangerous. I don’t recommend this at all! 

1 – Trying to unlock the office door with my car central locking key. Then realising after about 20 seconds

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE prepping for a show and the majority of the time I am a normal human being! 

I’m also 100% certain that my fellow bikini athletes can relate to these moments! 

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Ng x

Arnold Classic 2016Queensland State Titles Nationals

If you haven’t heard already – Booty bands are here and are now shaping BOOTY’s right across Australia & NZ! 


There’s been a massive hype around my exclusive 6 Week BootyBuilding Program! The very first 6 week program was launched 11 June and is specifically designed for females, promoting lean muscle gain, fat loss and maintainable lifestyle changes!

The program uses the Aura Eve Booty Bands.

What are Booty Bands? Aura Eve has added a girly twist to a widely used product (many athletes use them) and now we can look at these resistance bands in a whole new light. It’s all about the BOOTY!


They are not only great for helping with improving athletic performance, but also are great for building strength, building lean muscle and creating a learner physique. The activation you get through your glutes while using the Bands is amazing. If you want toner, tighter glutes – then you need these! 


The benefits of using your own body mechanics to increase tension during the exercise are second to none. The Booty Bands do not place additional burden on the ligaments and joints so you can fully trust them, and direct your full attention to the repetitions and the technique – in turn meaning EXTREME booty burn. 


During the 6 week program we target and work on

•      Legs

•      Glutes

•      Hip Flexors

•      Core

I am so proud of this program and I am currently working on the launch of the second program, as well as online #BootyBuilding!

In the mean time you can check out here –


Ng x

IMG_4988 lookbook8_1024x1024

13 March 2016

I was fortunate enough to shoot with the beautiful girls from Aura Eve! What a cool way to spend my birthday – in some amazing clothes and shooting in a pretty cool location!

We shot at a local gym in Maroochydore and I LOVE the images Mitch the photographer captured!

We took shots in the leggings, booty belts & the new booty bands that Aura Eve has brought out!

I love doing photo shoots, being in front of the camera is so much fun. I have to be honest though I do feel out of my comfort zone. I get super shy and need a lot of direction! I think the more I do it the more comfortable I’ll get with it!

Aura eve is a Sunshine Coast based company that creates beautiful pieces for training! I LOVE the leggings & booty belts. But my favourite thing is the Aura Eve Booty Bands.

I’m working on something pretty special with the Aura Eve girls and I’ll share this with you all soon!

Below are some pictures from the shoot xx

N xx

Booty Bands




Day 3 – Post Comp

Saturday 20th March 2016 


After an amazing night at the Figure and Bikini Pro show, I couldn’t wait for the Men’s Body Building finals.  I was invited back with some other models to do the trophy presentation for this show as well!

On Day 3 I got to spend the whole day with Fran – shopping and eating!

I had to be back at the Convention centre at 6:30pm for the Pro Show, (and of course true Naomi style I was running late!). After a mad dash to get ready Jake and I headed to the show.  He was going to watch the show.

We went to the green room again before we were needed to be side stage.  We were just hanging out on the couches while waiting… and India Paulino walks in! India won Bikini Division at Arnold’s Ohio and just won the Australian title.  Of course I had to get a picture with her (see below)! She is so tiny and such a sweet person! She seemed like so much fun too, which I love!

We soon went side stage and I was so blown away when I saw Kai Greene, he was standing SO close to me. He was SO focused, as were all the other competitors. It was awesome to be around such high level of athletes!

We were shuffled back stage once they were setting up for the Strongman competition. While we were backstage we met all the Strongman finalists (see pic below)! We even met Thor, he is about 10x bigger than me!

It was time for presentations for the Mens Body Building. Again we were just required to walk the sponsors out. We had a little bit of confusion on what to do; I felt so awkward at times as I was a little unsure on what to do but still had the best time out there!

I got to walk out with IFBB Pro Sergio Oliva Jr to present Cedric McMillan with his 2nd place medal (see pic below). Did I mention I got to touch SERGIOS BICEP?!

When I got off stage I waited close to the curtain to watch Kai Greene be presented with his Trophy… next minute… The man backstage says over his earpiece ‘sending model out with Kais jacket’ he passes me the jacket and told to  get on stage!


I walked up to Kai… I was so nervous. I handed Kai the Arnold Classic Australia jacket and he said to me ‘that’s a nice jacket’

WOW, this is by far one of the craziest experiences of my life,  I will never forget it.

Once the show wrapped up I was on such a high but I was also so tired!  I met Jake in the lobby and we headed over to the casino to met up with Fran. The Melbourne Casino is insane! It’s so massive and was so busy. I started to feel really sick so we decided to head home earlier than I wanted to. I had my photo with Arnold Schwarzenegger planned for the following day, so I wanted to be at my best.

Day 4 – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Sunday 21st March 2016


On Sunday I woke up extremely sick, I know this was only because I had eaten some foods that I hadn’t eaten in a long time. I got dressed for the day and I laid on the couch and went back to sleep. I was so unwell. We had to check out before we left for my photo with Arnold and I am so thankful that Fran and my mum had packed up the rest of my things.

Once we raced to the plenary area I met with Simone and received a PLATINUM VIP Pass! I was super excited to meet Arnold and I was also so nervous!

I was still feeling crazy sick and I was sipping on BCAAs while waiting. I was trying to compose myself.

Once Arnold arrived we lined up for our photos, it all happened so quickly. I wore my Medal in the picture, when I got to meet Arnold he complimented my medal and I got my photo. It happened so quickly! He is crazy tall.

Arnold had a Seminar straight after and we were able to stay for this – I lasted about 25 minutes before I had to run out to throw up! It was so horrible. I wish I were able to stay for the whole seminar. Once I was sick I decided it was time to go and I met up with Mum and Fran and we headed to the airport. I literally jumped from my taxi to theirs and we drove straight to the Airport.

Once we were on the plane we were all so exhausted. I slept!

What an experience,  this weekend in Melbourne was by far one of the best experiences of my life. I meant some amazing people, I had so much fun with my friends and created some pretty cool memories. I will never forget this trip!

N x