Model Search

Friday 19th March 2016



As well as doing my Bikini division I decided to enter the Arnold’s Model Search! This was something that put me out of my comfort zone and actually made me super nervous!

Girls from across Australia had entered for this amazing event!

In the Model Search we had a fitness round and an evening wear round! There were 4 judges, plus online votes were taken as well!


After I got off a stage for my bikini show I went and saw everyone that had come to support me. I had a couple of hours between and I had to go back to our apartment to get my Model Search clothes. We lost track of time and I didn’t want to risk leaving so Fran and Jake kindly decided to go back to the apartment to get my fitness wear and my dress.

While they were gone I went to pick up my competitors number from backstage (I was number 8) and it was then I realised how soon I had to be on stage!!! I was on at 4pm and it was about 3:40pm. All the other models were already backstage getting ready. I tried super hard not to stress but I was getting worried! All I was thinking was WHY didn’t I just bring the stuff with me this morning! (Which Jake kindly pointed out to me while this was all playing out haha) I messaged the guys and told them.

Jake came sprinting backstage with my fitness gear and I literally had to had to get dressed straight away as we were about to start! Thank goodness for Jake and Fran, they saved the day!

Fran came backstage a few minutes after with my evening wear! She stayed backstage and helped me get dressed which was amazing. I love having her at my shows, she’s the best support ever.

As we lined up side stage I had NO idea what I was going to do on stage. I had only practiced for a couple of minutes the day before in our hotel room. I had spent all my time and effort preparing for my bikini show that I left no time for this one! I did know one thing though – I was going to have FUN!

Out we went for the fitness round… don’t even ask me what I did on stage because I have no idea haha!

Once that round was done we all quickly changed into  our evening wear. Thank goodness Fran was there with me because my dress is impossible to zip up!  I had the most beautiful red dress for the evening wear round.

All the models went back on stage at the end and the top 3 were announced. I came 3rd! I was SO happy. Hannah placed 2nd and Lindsey came 1st!

Once photos were taken we all came off stage and had a photo with Chef Pier.

We were briefed on what to expect over the next couple of days. We were given the opportunity to present the Pro’s with their trophies at the Friday night show (Pro Figure & Bikini) & the Saturday night show (Mens Pro Bodybuilding)!

We headed straight over to the Plenary where the Bikini and Figure Pro Shows were being held. Simone (AMS Coordinator) took us out the back. We walked past the stage and I was so blown away! It was insane! As we headed out the back to the green room, the three of us had our hair and makeup done… in the same room as the pro girls! While I was getting my makeup done, I couldn’t help but stare at them!

Already it was a crazy experience and the night hadn’t even begun. Simone took us side stage where we were able to watch the show (peak through the curtains) and she briefed us on what we would be doing.  While we were doing this I noticed Steve Cook was side stage with us! I literally was so excited and I had to get a picture with him.

Once the trophy presentations began, we (the models) were partnered up with the sponsors and we walked them out on stage to present the flowers and medals to the athletes. This made me so nervous because of the amount of people in the crowd – but adrenaline kicked in and I actually don’t remember all that much from doing this.

Once this was finished, we headed back to the green room to grab our stuff and again saw so many Bikini girls that I look to for inspo. It was so cool to see how the Pro’s set up before shows, what they are like in the dressing room and just their  attitudes before and after show. It was nice to get a little insight. I ran into Steve Cook again in the hall and he remembered my name!! Fan girl moment! I got another picture with him because we decided the lighting was bad side stage!

I also got a pic with Narmin, she is SO sweet and SO tiny! I looked tall compared to her!

By this time it was about 9:30pm and I was ready to eat. I caught a taxi over to Flinders Lane where Fran and Jake were. We went to a cute burger place called Metro Burgers, burgers and fries are my go to Post Comp treat.

I had the best night ever and was so thankful to finish it with my best friends. We had so much fun hanging out after the shows.

We got back to our apartment around 11:30ish and I was so exhausted, definitely ready for bed.

In my next blog I’ll share with you the rest of my Arnold’s weekend – Shopping, Mens’ Bodybuilding Finals and MEETING ARNOLD!

N x

Backstage Steve Cook Lindsay, Hannah & Myself

Narmin & Myself

Arnold’s Weekend – 2 Part Blog!

As many of you know I recently competed at the Arnold Classic in Melbourne!

Over my next few blogs I will share with you my whole Arnold Classic AU experience!

The ups and downs, the crazy moments and life changing moments!

Day 1 – Travel & Lead Up to Show Day 

Thursday 17th March 2016

It’s finally here! The day I’ve been waiting for, the weekend I’ve been prepping and working my butt off for! IT’S FINALLY HERE.

My day of travel starts at 3am.  At this point it’s early but I AM SO EXCITED!

I was travelling with my Best Friend Fran and my Mum Theresa. We arrived in Melbourne at 11:30am where we met my other Best Friend Jake and we headed straight to our hotel to check in.

(I wore compression socks and tights to make sure I had no fluid retention after my flight.)

I had a few things to do to prepare for Friday’s show. First I had to head off to the convention centre for registration.

At registration they check your height and you receive your athlete wristband. My height check came in at 158.5cm and this put me in the Short Class (163cm & Under).

This is my last show as a Novice competitor!

Bikini Novice 163cm & Under 

After registration I had a quick check-in with my coach Mike, and then Fran, Jake and I explored Melbourne for a couple of hours. This was my first time in Melbourne and I LOVED it so much! I can’t wait to go back!

I had my final check in with Mike at 8:30pm and I got the green light! We are all good to go! Nerves hadn’t started it kick in yet… I was surprisingly calm!

Day 2 – Show Day PART 1

Friday 19th March 2016

4:30am Wake Up… ITS SHOW DAY! Melbourne has put on some great weather… It was cold and raining! I had my tan, hair and makeup at 6:30am with Hannah and the team at Shique Beauty.

I was SO happy with my makeup and my hair. I truly felt a million dollars leaving the girls!

Getting to the convention centre was a mission! I walked downstairs and it was still RAINING heavily and so windy outside! Obviously I had to make sure I didn’t get wet because of my tan! So I put on my poncho and went to call a taxi but got talking to a man that had been waiting for a taxi for 30 minutes!! He offered for me to jump in with him when the taxi finally got there! He was a lifesaver; I was so worried I was going to be late!

We got talking and his name was Henry. As it turns out, Henry is a power lifting coach who has athletes competing at the Arnolds! SO cool to already be meeting amazing people – considering I wasn’t even at the expo yet.

We finally got to the expo and I looked ridiculous in my poncho, long pants & robe… haha.

Bikini Show

I was less than impressed by my show day on the Gold Coast, so coming into this event I made sure I was more relaxed and a lot more focused before stepping on stage. I was waiting for what felt like forever; back stage was was busy with tonnes of bikini athletes everywhere. We set ourselves up in a corner and I fell asleep! I had my headphones in and listened to music. I am always so nervous before stepping on stage so it’s nice be able to chill out beforehand.

We finally got our numbers – I was number 96 for my Bikini Show! Once we had our numbers it was time to pump up. Once I was side-stage it all happened so quickly. We pumped up and were called out.

We were on stage for such a short period of time and once we filled off the finalist list was quickly read out. The lady had told us ‘if I call your name, you have not made it through. Please grab your things and leave’ I thought this was harsh but I had thought at the time I had at least made it to finals.

My name was read out! I didn’t make it! I was so devasted. I quickly walked over, texted Fran and told her I didn’t make it. I was so upset, Fran met me backstage and I couldn’t even speak. We went and found Mike and I balled my eyes out. Mike hugged me & gave me some very kind & encouraging words. I cried for about 5 minutes, I couldn’t shake how upset I was. Winning isn’t everything, but I still really wanted to do well and I thought my stage presentation was my best to date.

After Mike’s kind words and me trying to pull myself together we heard over the PA system, ‘Can the following competiors please return back stage immediately’. She listed off a few names and then I heard 96 Naomi Glover…

I’ve never got up quicker! I don’t think I even said one word to Mike, I ran past Fran and grabbed my bag… I was so excited!

Once I got back stage they informed me they had made a mistake and the competitors that were called away were actually the finalists!! So I literally had a couple of minutes to put my heels back on, wipe away my tears and pump up again.

Finals again ran super quick, we had a few call outs, ran through our quarter turns a few times and again filled off stage.

I made TOP 6!

We were back on stage and I was placed 6th (Photos below).

I am super proud of myself and my placing!

I had such an amazing support crew with me at Arnolds! My best friends Fran and Jake, Narelle, Tayna, Patrick and of course my number 1 supporter my Mum!

Having them with me at my shows means the world to me!

Part 2 of my blog will be up later in the week! I’ll share my Model Search experience, Pro Show fun & meeting Arnold Schwarzenegger!

N x

Naomi Glover

6th Place – Bikini Novice

Top 6

Top 6 Bikini Novice

Top 6

Top 6 Bikini Novice

Naomi Glover

So happy with my 6th Placing

Day in the Life

‪I love the idea of having insight on how a person’s day-to-day runs! People often ask me what I do for training, what I am eating and how much cardio I do. So I thought I’d share a typical ‘day’!

‪As most of you know, I have been in full on Competition Mode over the last 9 months for my IFBB Bikini shows. This has truly tested me physically and emotionally. Let me tell you, being a bikini athlete is SO much harder than you think BUT I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s worth every tear, every early morning and every ounce of sweat.


‪WAKE UP, my alarm goes off. Yep, 3am. I do fasted cardio (cardio on an empty stomach, I will post benefits of this another day!) every day for 60 mins. This is something I really enjoy and have learnt to love!  If I do it on the treadmill I’ve been reading which I love. Once I’ve finished my cardio I have my breakfast.

Breakfast for me consists of a protein source, fats & vegetables!


‪First client. Most of my mornings are fully booked with personal training sessions, which run through until 11am. I absolutely love my job! Every day is different and all of my clients are awesome (and inspiring).

‪I leave enough time in here for me to eat. I usually eat my pre workout meal.

This meal is usually Fruit & Protein based. 


‪I train for roughly 40-45mis followed by posing practice. I am so fortunate to work in an amazing gym that has a space for me to practice my stage routine.


‪Time for my post work out meal.

Protein & Carbohydrates based meal!

‪I tend to use this part of my day to book any meetings, appointments or work on any projects / tasks I need to. To be perfectly honest, this part of the day tests me, I get distracted, hungry or procrastinate. This is usually when I tell myself OPPORTUNITY vs OBLIGATION.

I eat again before I start work. 


‪My afternoon’s personal training sessions vary and I have a tendency to work far too late.  Normally getting home at 8pm, I am tired, cranky, hungry and a just mean girl!

I have a meal before in between clients! 


Dinner is usually around 7pm for me.

‪Bedtime, as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m out!

‪This is just an average day for me, some days are more crazy than others and I’m learning to not over commit myself! I am truly blessed for all the opportunities I receive.

Follow me on Snap Chat to watch my Day to Day activities!


‪N x

WOW… The past few weeks have been CRAZY!

While I’m not posting as frequently as I’d like – I’d LOVE for you to follow me on SnapChat so you can see my day to day life while prepping for my upcoming shows – IFBB The Gold Coast Classic & The Arnold Classic!

I’ll share with you my Meals, Training & everything that I’m currently working on! Plus all the craziness that makes up my life as a Bikini Athlete!

Here’s a little clip of what to expect (click below)


I’m currently writing a few Blogs – on my personal life & a few workout ones! Can’t wait to share with you

N x

Motivation is a topic that I LOVE talking about!


Motivation can be so different for so many people. I’d love to share a little bit on the different types of motivation & help you find what motivates you!




‪Two types of motivation – INTRINSIC & EXTRINSIC


‪INTRINSIC – Performing an action or behavior because you ENJOY the activity itself.


‪EXTRINSIC – When you are motivated by external factors. This form of motivation usually drives you to do things for rewards or pressures rather than for the fun of it.

‪My Advice – identify which form of motivation you use. Some people will use one or the other while some may use both! (I’m one of those people) Everyone is different.


‪Understanding what motivates you is extremely important & will keep on track to achieving your goals.


Questions for you

  • Are you motivated by a result or a reward?
  • Do you enjoy the activity & do it for fun?
  • What’s your ‘WHY’?


‪For me I’ve also changed my mind set & find it great for keeping my motivation, which I have spoken about before. I use the ‘Opportunity VS Obligation’ method.

‪I believe viewing everything in life as an OPPORTUNITY rather than an obligation will help with your mental strength, your training & positively impact your life!


Naomi x


Our bodies need sleep to restore & rejuvenate, to grow muscle, repair tissue and synthesize hormones.

How much sleep do you get each night? I recommend trying to get 8 hours.

Some nights this isn’t realistic or achievable for me & I can usually get any where between 5-8 hours a night. No matter if it’s 5 or 10 I have to make it work!

I’ve got some cool tips on getting the most out of your sleep.


Sleep in the most natural environment as possible. This means no harsh light, no PHONE, no TV.

Cool Temperature

Whether it’s the window open or the fan on. A cool sleeping environment will make for a comfortable night!

Bed Time Routine

This one probs sounds a little silly but it works! Create a ‘bed time routine’ that you follow each night before bed. It can be anything you like to help you relax & get ready for bed.

Zinc & Magnesium

There are so many benefits of taking Zinc & Magnesium before you sleep! Z-Mag is a highly absorbed zinc and magnesium drink that helps play a vital role to assist in regulating healthy sleep patterns! It also assists in boosting the immune system, promoting anti-oxidant protection and hormone regulation! I take it 30 mins before I go to bed & it truly helps.

Click here to check out Total Sports Nutrition’s Z-Mag

I want to leave you with a cool fact I read the other day

“The hours slept before 12 at night are proven to be more effective than those slept after 12”

My advice – go to bed early & rise with the sun!


ng x

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love everything about it – the Christmas lights on houses, setting up the tree, the parties, christmas carols, gift wrapping… ANYTHING to do with Christmas I LOVE.

For some Christmas is thought of as the ‘party season’ & almost all of the social events this time of year are planned around food & alcohol. Work Christmas parties, family/ friend catch ups & Christmas Day! We can quite easily get carried away & leave our healthy lifestyle behind.

I often hear ‘I’ll be healthy after Christmas’ or ‘Christmas is just a blow-out week’ & I’m here to tell everyone there’s no better time than now. I want you to create a healthy lifestyle you can live every day of the year.

If you’re in the process of a lifestyle change or struggle around this time of year – this blog post is for you.

I’ve got 6 tips to keep you on track this Silly Season!

1.Eat before you go

Yes – it works! If you have an evening event have dinner before you go. Not only will you feel great & full of energy but you’ll be less tempted to splurge on unnecessary & unhealthy snacks.

2. Don’t over commit yourself

It happens! You get 3 Christmas party invites all on the same weekend. Another 2 the following week & 8 the next! Don’t over commit! Its okay to politely decline invites.

3. Keep exercising over the break

If you happen to consume a few more calories over the break you can put them to good use – train extra hard! Get into the gym or outdoors & get moving.

 4. Only treat yourself to YOUR favourite holiday food

It’s so easy to over indulge. I find a great way to keep on track is pick a couple of holiday favourites that you’ll treat yourself to & steer clear of the rest.

5. Focus of the FUN

Christmas time is such a fun time! Focus on that – don’t focus on the food. It’s so important to spend quality time with family & friends. Focus the party or get together around an activity or backyard game!

6. Healthy food options

YES! Christmas lunch/ dinners can serve the most fresh & delicious foods! Fresh seafood, turkeys, salads!

I hope these 6 tips can keep you on track!

If you can’t tell – I’m excited for Christmas & keeping healthy, fit & happy over the festive season!

ng x

Okay, don’t freak out but it’s Summer.

Over my time as a PT I’ve come to realise this is a time of year where us girls tend to freak out!

Summer means – warm weather, bikinis, beach days & pool parties!

It’s not to late to start working towards your ultimate ‘Summer Body’ & have the healthy lifestyle you deserve. I also want you to be able to maintain your ‘Summer Body’ ALL year round.

I’ve listed a few steps that I use to make sure I’m ready for summer!

  1. Exercise.

Summer is the best time to exercise, take it outdoors & find things you enjoy. This is a good time of year to invest in some help. Whether it is in the form of Bootcamps, a Personal Trainer or even an Online Program to help you achieve your goals!

  1. H2O.

Hydrate. Keeping your body hydrated during summer is super important & water will help flush your body of nasty toxins. I aim for at least 3 liters per day. (Some days more)

  1. Fresh Produce.

Summer is known for beautiful fresh produce. This is the perfect time of year to head to your local Farmers Markets.

  1. Hair.

Looking after your hair is so important especially in summer if you’re spending more time in the pool, at the beach or just in the sun. See your hairdresser for some products that will protect your hair & keep it healthy! I love my hairdresser, I have super blonde hair & it’s still so healthy!

Check out Becky B Hair & Beauty (BEST hairdressers in the WORLD)

  1. Fat Burners.

I use Total Sports Nutrition’s Thermal Core & CLA3200 as a fat burning stack through out the year & I make sure I use them with my training routine in summer. Thermal Core helps to drop body fat, reduce appetite, helps with cravings & help increase your energy. CLA3200 not only helps with fat loss but also limits the amount of fat that can be stored in your body. It also enhances your muscle tissue & protects your immune system. These definitely have helped me take my physique to the next level.

Check out TSN’s Thermal Core & CLA3200 Here!

  1. Skin & Nail Care.

Have you ever noticed how dry your skin can get during summer? Not to mention sun burn! I don’t sun bake any more – I opt. for Spray Tans or self tanning products (simply because I don’t want sun damaged skin) With this I just use moisturiser everyday to help with hydration. If you are sun baking sunscreen is a must & aloe vera after a day in the sun can be really soothing.

For nails I am loving the nude colour at the moment! So perfect for summer – it goes with everything & I feel like it is a super clean look. I’ve been getting shellac done & LOVE IT.


6 Summer Tips from me to you

ng x



Wow, my last 2 weeks have been INSANE!


I apologies for the lack of blog posts – I want to be way more active on here but work, comp prep & life has been crazy busy lately!

As you know I have been prepping for IFBB Nationals (which was held on Saturday) & my 8 Week Mind & Body Transformation Challenge was coming to end (which finished last Friday)

I decided to throw myself into those 2 things completely & now they have both been & gone I need to find balance again.

I wanted to use this post to share with you my IFBB Nationals experience!

What a day! This was my 2nd Competition (my first show was QLD Titles 5 weeks ago)

The whole week before Comp goes by so quickly. I absolutely love this week – so much to do! Training is coming to an end & its time to glam up for the show with nails, hair & eyelash appointments! It makes the 3am wake ups & fasted cardio seem like a distance memory.

An increase in carbohydrates in this week is also a bonus!

Plus the hype & excitement is next level. Everyone asking how I’m feeling, what I’m doing & what my next plans are. So here is a run through of the day before & show day!

The Day Before The Show


We are on the Gold Coast & head to the Gold Coast Convention Centre for registration. I collected my competitor band & they checked my height for my division. (I’m 159cm – Short Class)


Once registration was done I headed to the apartment to check in & get my comp day essentials packed.

I always check my bag about 10 times over to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything!

Shoes, bikini & jewellery are the 3 most important items. I also take spare clothes, a robe, headphones, makeup brush, lip gloss & FOOD.

I have white rice, rice cakes, bananas, honey & putter butter on me for Show Day.


Time to get the base coat of my tan & then one final check in with my coach. When I checked in with Mike while running through my poses he says “Now don’t freak out but…” I found out 2 of the 4 poses had been changed by the IFBB.

So after he showed me the mandatory changes off I went to go & practice.

The night before comp I try & get as much sleep as possible. Surprisingly I had the best night sleep (air con helps haha)


Let me tell you… Nerves are at an all time high on show day!


Wake up – I head over to my coaches apartment to check in. (he was happy so I was happy) 


Glam time! I go through a company called Shique Beauty, which takes all the stress of getting ready away! They do my hair, my make up & both coats of my tan.

I’m not one to wear a whole lot of make up so I ask the girls to keep my make up as natural as comp make up can be. Golds & browns work best for me & my hair will always be curls for comp! I LOVE CURLS.


I pick up my competitor number from the registration desk & head back stage. For nationals I was competitor number 86! (QLD’s I was number 16 so I was more than happy to still have a 6 in my number for some reason!)

Backstage is really cool. At the convention centre back stage was MASSIVE. All the athletes are out here warming up, there’s a tanning area & so much going on! The vibe & feels is incredible. We set up our #TeamMikeD corner & us girls put our feet up! There were quite a few divisions in front of me so I had a bit of time before I was on stage.


My family & friends had arrived so I ran out to say hello before show time!

I had my boyfriend Josh, my mum, my best friend Fran & her husband Chris & their 6-month-old daughter Miss Celia, a great friend Brandon & my mentor Coby in the crowd!


Time to pump up. This is when my nerves start to kick in. I use light resistance bands to pump up. Focusing on my shoulders. The back stage crew call the line up “BIKINI NOVICE SHORT 84, 85, 86, 87….” (11 competitors in my division)

We all line up side of stage & my heart is beating out of my chest. I am overwhelmed with nerves but as soon as I take my first step on stage I don’t know what happens – My nerves are gone, I’m focused & ready to go!

We run through our poses (consists of 4 Quarter Turns)

We shuffle around & I love EVERY second of this!

Nationals were a little different to QLD’s – there were no call outs. (A call out usually happens when they call particular competitors to the front for comparisons)

I had NO idea how I went in regards to judging but I was really happy with my poses & my time on stage!

12pm – 4pm

During this time I went & hung out with my family & friends. I got to watch the open girls compete which was really cool!


Back stage again & ready for finals! Finals are so much fun, you get to do an ‘I’ walk & show off your hard work. Directly after our division waited side stage until all Bikini Novice competitors completed their final walk. This was so nerve racking, so many thoughts running through my mind. “Did I place?” “Have I done enough” “What if I don’t place?” my stomach was full of butterflies & my body felt so exhausted.


This was it! Finally time to find out the winners of Bikini Novice Short… a lady called out top 3 numbers & directed us to side stage. I was so HAPPY! Top 3 at Nationals I thought to myself. My smile was so big & my stomach was still full of butterflies.

Being up on stage as part of the top 3 was amazing, I felt super proud to be standing next to Michelle & Nicola. These girls are beautiful & truly deserve their placing!

They announce the winners – starting with 3rd place. As they read out 3rd then 2nd I just couldn’t believe it! 1st place at Nationals felt so surreal. I was presented with my massive trophy & I had a smile on to match!

Coming off stage buzzing straight into the arms of my coach! Massive hug & so many ‘thank you’s’ from me to him! This man helped me so much & helped me become 1st in Australia! How cool is that.

Backstage I got a few quick photos from the photographer – then a couple of selfies!

I couldn’t wait to see all my family & friends! The people that have supported me throughout my whole comp prep, in a way the trophy & title is as much theirs as it is mine!!


Dinner time! Time to celebrate!


There you have an insight of comp day! I’m excited for my future in IFBB Bikini & excited to share with you my up coming adventures.



ng x

12308260_837631429689788_5055802810392929625_n 12239881_10153640365346233_1415387688898624417_n 12301537_10153640365281233_3714008555419550287_n 12265689_10153639578891233_5132051192376836668_o


Being strong not only in your body but your mind as well is SO important.

A strong body is so important for your health. You will have strong bones, joints & muscles. This leads to a strong mind. You will have positive thoughts, be happy & determined in all aspects of life! The confidence you gain from training is incredible.

I believe these 2 things will change your life.

How do you do it? Start small – start with 1 – 2 weight/resistance training sessions to get your muscles moving. Once your body takes to this style of training you can then increase your days and also the intensity/weight lifted.

I do suggest a tailored training program to allow for progression and correct training method to suit your goals. Seek the help or advice from a fitness professional before you start your weights training to ensure correct technique.

Trust me you will see not only a change in your body (toned, lean & strength) but your mindset will change completely.

ng x