As my comp prep is in full swing again for Season B, I thought it was perfect timing to share this post!

I’m 10 weeks out from the Queensland State Titles, where I will be making my Opens Debut (I’ll be posting on this soon!). 

This is a post someone suggested I write; we thought it would be it would be a good laugh for everyone to see all the funny & dumb things I’ve done while on Comp Prep (trust me there were a lot of  crazy moments)!

The closer I get to my shows, I tend to start making some pretty funny mistakes! 

Here’s my top 8 Funniest and Dumbest moments whilst on ‘Comp Prep’

8 – Tripping on the treadmill. While at walking pace. I tripped so badly one morning I winded myself! Tripping tends to happen every day…

Leading in to comp I do my cardio on the treadmill (this way I can ensure I have a good pace) BUT I tend to forget how to walk! 

 Trying to walk super fast (arms swinging everywhere) with my phone in my hand … Aaaaaaand chucking it through the air. My phone suffered a beating during my last prep, I did this walking next to a busy road one afternoon… LUCKILY it didn’t end up under a car. Somehow.

6 – Bursting into tears because my partner at the time didn’t weigh my rice properly. Then continuing to fuss over it for 10 mins and making a scene about how my food needs to be measured to the gram. 

– Becoming socially awkward & constantly palming myself in the forehead for all the dumb things I said in front of people! 

4 – Dropping a 20kg plate weight on my toes while training a client… this hurt like crazy! 

3 – Crying because I couldnt work my computer. 

2 – Napping in my car… any chance I got! Not only is this dumb but so dangerous. I don’t recommend this at all! 

1 – Trying to unlock the office door with my car central locking key. Then realising after about 20 seconds

Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE prepping for a show and the majority of the time I am a normal human being! 

I’m also 100% certain that my fellow bikini athletes can relate to these moments! 

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