Corporate Wellness is something I am so passionate about and I am extremely proud of Trinity Performance’s Corporate Wellness Program. Its an aspect of my career that not many know about and I’d love to share!

We have been working on this program for over 18 months now, running successful pilot programs and achieving great results in both staff health and productivity of the businesses.

The Corporate Wellness Program gives us the ability to go into businesses and better the lives of everyone involved in the business – all employees including staff, management and owners – all levels, no hierarchy!

For the businesses, our aim is to improve the health, quality of life and overall happiness of their employees, in aid to better work productivity and minimise staff turn over and absenteeism whilst improving staff moral. There’s also the importance of team building, and this is a very exciting part of our program.

Throughout our programs, we educate on –

Exercise – Conducting workouts for employees. The aim is to increase physical activity and educate attendees on the benefits exercise has on both the body and mind.

Nutrition – We hold seminars on healthy eating, educating on daily eating routines, calories, food types and choices as well as how to shop for the right type of food.

Daily Routines and Goal Setting – A number of goal setting sessions are conducted. This is highly important for both health goals and work related goals. We also educate on the importance of creating daily routines and their proven benefits.

Recovery Techniques – Providing daily stretches that promote postural balance. This is especially important for our businesses programs with office based staff.

Mental Strength – Through both exercise and our seminars, we teach the importance of the power of our mind, positive mind frames.

Team Building – We do this with team building activities that can either be exercise based or office based. These are both fun and challenging for the employees and results have shown long-term positive effects on all relationships.

I have had the opportunity to meet and build relationships with so many amazing people with this program. It is just so fantastic to see the power in what we can bring. Some of the people we work with have never had the opportunity to do something for themselves. The opportunity in having us come in with education and training has changed their lives for the better. Seeing the changes to their mind frames and life attitude is so amazing. It’s great to see people put their health first and cool to see the flow on effect it has in the other aspects of their lives.

If you have a business or team of staff that could benefit from our #CorporateWellness Program, please send me an obligation free email today and I can provide you any information you require, or answer any questions. I’m here to help and love doing just that!


Ng x