What is your fitness goal??

It doesn’t matter what your goal is – fat lose, build muscle, to have consistency in your training, heavier lift – everyone will have different goals & my biggest advice for this is to write them down!

Fitness goals can be performance based or appearance based.

When working on your Goals it’s important that they are:



Thought out

Once you have established your goals – you can then break them down, get more specific & work out an action plan. Breaking your goals down into an achievable timeline is a great way for you to keep on track. Choosing a training style/ program that matches your goal is vital. Working with a Trainer will prove important in this step.


What do you do once you’ve achieved your goals?

You’ll find once you’ve achieved your first goal set you’ll already have another in mind! Continually re-evaluating your goals is important to allow you to develop & change.

So remember to:

Start small

Put pen to paper

Put them somewhere you’ll see everyday!

ng x