Time, we never have enough hours in a day!

Quite often when I meet with first time clients this is the reason they haven’t started earlier. To put it truthfully you’ll never gain any extra time to exercise you have to just MAKE time!

The way I see it you need to make your health & fitness a priority. With out your health what do you have? When you are inactive & unhealthy you are more likely to get sick, be unhappy & this in turn effects your work & personal life.

Making time doesn’t mean you have to miss out on something else in order to do so.

I’ve got 4 great ways you have fit FIT in!

  1. Wake up earlier!

It seems simple but more often than not we are not willing to do so. By waking up earlier and exercising in the morning your not only getting your fitness sorted but also setting yourself up for a more energised day!


  1. Make your sessions short and sweet!

Gone are the days you need to spend hours in the gym or on the treadmill! Seek the advice of a trainer and get your session intense and quick! 30 mins is all you need to improve your health.


  1. Incidental Exercise

Take the stairs, park further away, do squats while watching the news! Find any opportunity to MOVE!


  1. Use your social life!

Planning coffee or catch up with the girls? Take your shoes & catch up while being active instead. Walk, climb a mountain, do anything that gets you moving. Trust me us girls can still talk while exercising!


Use these 4 tips & I guarantee you’ll fit FIT in!

ng x