Have you heard?? 

My new Plump Your Peach program has gone crazy! 

Transforming booty’s across the Sunshine Coast and now across AUSTRALIA! 

I’ve been working hard to get the PYP program available ONLINE and it’s now here!

Coming off the back of my highly successful 6 Week Booty Building program, the Plump Your Peach online workout plan just hit next level!

After recently being voted the Sunshine Coast’s FAVOURITE Personal Trainer, I am here to help you strip fat, tighten your Peach and transform your body!
 This extensive program targets your peach, thighs and tummy while getting you in the FAT BURNING zone. I’ve also added 2 upper body workouts to tone your arms as well, and I work closely with you on your Healthy Eating – to ensure you get the results you want!

I have seen first hand the benefits these programs have on people’s lives- so designing this program has made me so happy as I’ve created it from scratch with love!!

Can’t wait to share the love and hear what you think!