Being strong not only in your body but your mind as well is SO important.

A strong body is so important for your health. You will have strong bones, joints & muscles. This leads to a strong mind. You will have positive thoughts, be happy & determined in all aspects of life! The confidence you gain from training is incredible.

I believe these 2 things will change your life.

How do you do it? Start small – start with 1 – 2 weight/resistance training sessions to get your muscles moving. Once your body takes to this style of training you can then increase your days and also the intensity/weight lifted.

I do suggest a tailored training program to allow for progression and correct training method to suit your goals. Seek the help or advice from a fitness professional before you start your weights training to ensure correct technique.

Trust me you will see not only a change in your body (toned, lean & strength) but your mindset will change completely.

ng x