If you follow me or any other Bikini Athletes, you’ll often hear us refer to ‘Peak Week’

Peak Week is the week prior to a Body Building Competition.  The pinnacle.  The very final opportunity to maximise your physique, tighten things up and get ready for ‘Show Day’.

For me personally, Peak Week is a mixture of highs and lows. This week tests you mentally and physically – but at the end of the day, its where it all comes together.


‘Trust the Process’


The Peak Week process means that EVERYTHING gets the once over – diet, workouts, travel arrangements, all your glam, sleep – anything that gets you prepared for stage will need to be checked… then checked again!

Peak Week will be different for each competitor. It can mean depletion, carb ups, extra cardio, watching water intake. This is where your Coach comes in!  As an athlete I rely on my coach 100% through my prep, what he says goes and I follow everything he tells me to.

From a client training perspective, I personally don’t prep athletes for shows – but would 100% recommend Mike Debenham (IFBB Pro) if you are looking for a coach! (http://www.mikedebenham.com.au)


During my typical Peak Week, I still work leading up to my competition (depending on travel time), however I generally schedule all my clients to the mornings.

I check in with my coach, Mike regurally during this week – as a lot can change and he is there to oversee that. This can be any where between 3 and 4 – even up to 6 times in this week.


Training is a given in this week. We leave nothing in the tank. I’ll train twice a day if I have to. I still keep my cardio up, and the intensity of my training remains high. This is difficult, but at this point I just have to put my headphones in and do it!

My meal prep is still on the go for this week – but I usually just pre cook my meats and weigh on the day (in case any changes are made).

My Glam – all very important as we are judged on our whole stage presence, not just our physique – including how we are presented with our hair, make up, jewellery, bikini, etc.

This week I’ll have my Hair done (SUPER important!) by the girls at Becky B in Caloundra! http://www.beckyb.com.au

I regularly have eyelash extensions anyway, but always get a fresh set before show. I got mine done last week at Doll Lashes and Brow (in LOVE).


I do my own nails (to save money), and usually do them the day before show. I think I’ll go a light peach colour this time!


Tan – Base Coat is usually done a day before the show. I see Hannah from Shique Beauty and HIGHLY recommend her for any one competing. (They do Comp Packages) https://shiquebeauty.com.au

Queensland State Shows are usually located on the Gold Coast, so travel isn’t tricky at all. I am fortunate enough to have my Dad on the Gold Coast so I’ll stay with him the night before!

If competing doesn’t interest you but you would like guidance on fitness, health, body transformation and lifestyle, I can help you!

Ng x