Naomi Glover was recently voted the Sunshine Coasts FAVOURITE Personal Trainer

Here’s what some of her clients have to say about her

Plump Your Peach with Naomi Glover has changed not only my physical appearance but my confidence & state of mind also. One of my favourite parts of the challenge was that each session was at a beautiful beach location, not inside the gym! I was my heaviest ever on the scales & the most unhappy I have been with my body in my entire life when I joined the 8 week challenge.

I set myself a goal to lose 8 kgs and told Naomi I was scared to fail. Her response was “I won’t let you fail!” And she definitely did NOT let me fail.

I absolutely smashed my goal – loosing a massive 11.6KG’s by the completion of challenge.

I was overwhelmed & so happy with my achievements – Naomi was SO proud of my results. I would highly recommend training with Naomi – she is not just ANY trainer – she is passionate about seeing each & every one of her girls succeed – is super supportive with both exercise & food plans, helps to lift you up if your motivation is down & is just a beautiful person so you will not feel uncomfortable or intimidated at any time!

Renae Nawrocki

I’ve never done a challenge like this before or even signed up to a gym and PYP was exactly the motivation I needed to get inshape and flip my lazy mentality on its head. The physical results speak for themselves, but my nutrition has radically improved and the challenge has helped me develop a more positive mindset towards health and fitness.

Naomi always made sure us girls were looked after and took the time to work with us one on one which made all the difference.

I can’t thank Naomi enough for all of her encouragement and advice.

Tayla Larsen

My first Plump Your Peach challenge was the best heath and fitness challenge I’ve ever done! Going in to the challenge my goals were to create a consistent training pattern through the week and improve my eating habits, with any muscle gain or fat loss – a bonus!

Naomi was so encouraging and she has created a great community of supportive and friendly participants and past participants.

I changed my lifestyle during the absolute busiest time of year for my business and instead of being tired and hungry and not exercising at all, I was energetic, exercising 3-6 times a week and nourishing my body with delish foods! Plus my peach was definitely plumped! I can’t recommend Naomi and this challenge enough and will definitely be signing up to the next one and every one after that!

Kate Dimakis

I DID IT!!!! I completed my Plump Your Peach 8 weeks challenge In the last 8 week I worked, followed my food plan, attended every PT sessions and PYP sessions and these are my results.

I’m surprised to see how my body transformed into 8 weeks! I did not just sign up to do this challenge to plump my peach but also to tighten up my peach and my pelvis floor.

I highly recommended this AMAZING PT Naomi Glover.

She definitely can help you build up your confidence wearing your favourite bikinis without wearing shorts. She is a Peach Plumping Queen! X

Trudi Krenske

This challenge was great! The food was amazing! The classes were always fun and challenging! I have gained so much strength and fitness whilst also learning how to eat properly again! I can’t say enough amazing things about this challenge. It has helped me in so many ways! I can’t wait for the next one!

Kayla Hatchman

This was my very first PYP challenge and I loved every minute of it. This was a daunting and scary thing for me personally as I’ve struggled with my weight and having a negative mentality my whole life with food and exercising, and up until now I wouldn’t have had the courage to share photos of myself like these in such a vulnerable state. But Naomi helped me change ALL of that. She has gone above and beyond to cater to our dietary needs/wants, consistently changing up our meal plans, always reaching out to us to see how we’re feeling. She’s by far the most kind hearted, encouraging and supportive, PT and will push you to limits you didn’t think you had.

Naomi has taught me so much, she has helped me completely flip the way that I view health and fitness, she helped me fall in love with training and change such a negative and toxic mentality with the way that I perceive myself.

I went into this challenge to better myself, for my health, my fitness and mentality. Not only did I gain all those things from this challenge, I gained so much more from being around such a supportive, encouraging, uplifting, kind and beautiful bunch of girls who I’m also thankful for making such a scary thing for me, feel so comfortable and enjoyable. Naomi has created a beautiful environment for us girls, and I encourage anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness and be able to maintain a healthy lifestyle all with the support and encouragement from Naomi and us PYP gals, to sign up to the next Plump Your Peach Challenge. I know I will be and I’ll continue to do so with every challenge after that

Britteny Ah-See

Naomi Glover has changed my life.It may sound cliche however there are no other phrases that can describe the level of positive change & support she has influenced over the past 2 years of my life.

Naomi introduced herself to me At Anytime Fitness Currimundi.

“From the moment we got talking, she instantly made me feel comfortable.”

Within days I had organised to meet with her and set up some training goals. During this appointment Naomi asked more questions than required & related to me in a way that felt as though she generally cared about me feeling better about myself and achieving the things we had discussed. This was no sales act, as since that day Naomi has gone above and beyond to motivate, inspire and support me.

Over the last two years I had gone through a number of changes which affected my my motivation, my training and aided me to loose site of the goals I had originally set for myself. Through each hurtle Naomi utilised her incredible skills & genuine care for me, to come up with different training programs, training schedules and setting up regular times to sit and discuss where I was at mentally and physically.

I can truely say I would no be where I am today without the guidance, inspiration, support and friendship I have had from Naomi Glover.

With Naomi’s coaching she assisted me to discover a larger passion for health and fitness than I even realised I had. Naomi’s passion for the industry, educating and genuine care for people has lead me to refer over 10 friends, family & previous work colleagues to her for guidance.

I am so proud to call Naomi not only my fitness coach but a gorgeous friend who continuously goes out of her way to support and encourage me.

Naomi, without your by my side over the past two year, I would never had been able to get up and look at myself in the mirror & for the first time in my entire life I am happy & comfortable in my own skin. So Thank you, thank you for being the person you are, thank you for sharing all that you have with me & taking the time to really get to know me and helping me become a happier, more confident, positive, fitter & healthier person. I will be forever thankful and will continue to look up to you forever girl!

Thank you for changing my life!

Jaymee Smith


The PYP 8WC has changed everything for me and not just the physical appearance. I’m a stress head and whenever I get in my stressed mode I tend to loose determination, focus and I eat terrible.
Naomi made sure this did not and would not happen! Everytime I came to her because of it she would change things up for me to keep me interested and motivated. I always lacked the interest in my nutrition because most people will give you complex food guides that take forever to prep. Naomi took me back to basics and kept it simple and easy to follow. When we needed to we changed up the meal plan to keep things interesting.

Never in a million years did I ever think I would finish the challenge as motivated as when I started and smash the results as much as I did.

Naomi is amazing as what she does and she gets the results because of the passion she has to watch people smash their goals! I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done from keeping me determined, getting me to my goal, to teaching me about nutrition and finally having to deal with myself, Kayla and Anna at each PYP sessions (for anyone who attends they know how much of a handful we are ).

This girl is not your typical personal trainer who are only interested in you for the 45 minutes you train with them she cares about you and your results 24/7. Naomi will  check in throughout the week to make sure you’re on track and to see how you’re feeling and to even just chat and discuss anything going on in your life.

Alana Hatchman

This is my third pyp 8 week challenge and this one was definetly bigger and better then ever before.
A lot happened during this 8 weeks. I went through emotional brick walls, high stress and anxiety and injured my back. This challenge with the help of naomi taught me to come back bigger and better.

Naomi was such an inspiration to me with her injury that I realised I needed to pick myself up and continue to work my butt off and respect my injury.

This girl has taught me self love, taught me to be kind to myself and taught me I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

I finished this challenge more determined then ever before and my results show it. I could not ask for a better personal trainer nor a better friend than Naomi. She is kind and nurturing and has taught me so much over the last 8 weeks. I owe my results to her support and guidance and I cannot wait to see what 2019 has in store.
My mind has changed for the better, I have learned to love food and most importantly fell inlove with training.

If you ever wonder what challenge you should do… it should be the plump your peach 8 week challenge! You won’t be sorry! The girls and Naomi are the most supportive and kind hearted souls out ✨💖

Alana Hatchman

Naomi’s PYP challenge has changed me not only me physically but mentally.

I’ve always struggled with loving and being proud of myself but this challenge has changed that mindset.

At the beginning of the challenge I didn’t set big goals as I just wanted to tone up and focus on my nutrition and this challenge absolutely did just that!

The meal plans were a big help for me as I always thought I was eating to much but actually was eating to little for what I wanted to achieve and having a meal plan that was personalised, easy to follow and quick to prepare really helped me stay on track.

Naomi’s trainning would incorporate excercises that would work muscles you didn’t even realise existed until the day after Her constant support not only with trainning and nutrition but everyday life stress even after the challenge shows just how passionate she is about what she does.
Naomi’s aura and passion for this challenge and industry is truely inspiring.

Anna Doneman

Before working out with Naomi I was so uncomfortable and lacked confidence in the gym and she has completely turned that around!!

She is motivating, inspiring, encouraging and is always there to keep pushing me when I feel like giving up.

Astrid Hughes

I live in Victoria and I met Naomi when I was visiting a friend back in June (2016). Since then she has boosted my confidence and regularly messages me to see how I’m going with my meal/workout programs.


Kelsey Ridsdale 

Thank you Naomi Glover I just absolutely love training with you! You have supported me through lots of changes since we began this journey together, keeping me on track and

“changing my life for the better in so many ways”

Tammy Fox

What do you enjoy about your training/ relationship with Naomi Glover?
Naomi is always super positive and encouraging, she makes me want to train harder, be better and smash my personal goals! She never puts me down, intimidates me or makes me feel uncomfortable. These are the reasons I have avoided personal trainers as I’ve had these experiences in the past.
What has been your biggest changes since your training started with Naomi? (mental/physical)
I had a baby 18 months ago, I worked hard during my pregnancy to stay fit and eat well. After my daughter was born I felt frumpy, wobbly and just defeated. I wanted to get back to where I was pre-pregnancy.
Enter, Naomi Glover, trainer extraordinaire! She worked around my busy new mum schedule and even trained with me at a local park while my baby played on a mat! We talked about my goals, my eating and made a plan that I could manage and not become overwhelmed.
“I am now fitter, faster and stronger than I have EVER been!”
I fit into jeans I wore 7 years ago (I know, I know – but we all hang onto “those” jeans – don’t we?)
Without Naomi’s support and encouragement I would not be where I am today.
What is your favourite part of working with Naomi?
She doesn’t lose attention for a moment! I see other trainers on their phones, or looking around at others, but not Naomi! She is focused and coaching you through every rep!
Would you recommend Naomi?
I highly recommend Naomi to both women and men, she is one of a kind! Her sessions are always varied and target all the right spots! I’ve seen amazing changes to my muscle tone and fitness level since training with Naomi. She makes me feel like I can take on anything!
Is there anything you’d like to add?
I’ve never had a trainer so attentive and tailored to my needs. She takes all of your history, physical and mental, into account and creates a plan perfect for you.
“Naomi Glover, what can I say? I’ve never had a trainer so attentive and tailored to my needs. She takes all of your history, physical and mental, into account and creates a plan perfect for you. If you’re willing to work hard, be accountable and eat right, you will see amazing results with her tailored approach. She is supportive of you during the hard times and encourages you when you need a boost. She knows you’re only human and doesn’t have ridiculous expectations. She wants the best for you, and if you want the best for you (which is what you deserve!) then Naomi Glover’s expertise, energy and knowledge will get you there!!!”
Fran Schull 

What I love about training with Naomi G? Always fun and always gets every ounce of energy out of you during pt sessions. Always happy to answer any questions I have regarding nutrition or stretches. Just an all rounder type of person.

Biggest changes? Losing weight actually seeing it come off and sticking to the nutritional meal plan provided, going to little seminars/info nights about different topics to help focus on things such as motovation- what keeps you going / how to lose the excuses/ planning of going to the gym and preping meal plans. Mindset – Opportunity vs Obligation -changing the way we think making the most of the opportunities instead of thinking of it like an obligation.

Fav part of working with NG? She’s a pusher (mean girls quote). Always finds a new exercise to do to change up the pt session.

Would I recommend? Of course,

“I’m always telling people i get pt sessions from the coast’s number 1 trainer”

Jillo Foreman


I have trained with Naomi doing Bootcamps for around 2 years. I have watched Naomi transform herself which inspired me to push myself to another level which I never thought was possible.

“She was a great support through my journey to the stage and helped me along the way answering my question, to helping me with my posing, being positive and excited for my journey.”

Knowing how self conscious I was she was very encouraging and supported me throughout the whole process. I enjoy training with Naomi and really enjoy the pain the booty bands puts me through! I train in a semi private class at the moment which I throughly enjoy, nice small groups, lovely ladies where everyone pushes themselves to there own limits. And I’ve made new friends! I would highly recommend Naomi to anyone who would like to follow there dreams and be more confident with themselves!

Rachel Hutchinson

I began training with Naomi 4mths ago, I had not done any form of training in over 5 years due to a knee injury. I was hesitant to start thinking I was limited due to my injury and my lack of fitness. I began training with Naomi and quickly saw a rapid improvement in my health , fitness and mindset. I strengthened my knee and all over strength and fitness. I have far less pain now and feel fantastic.

Naomi makes every workout fun and always different. I’m loving how I feel and the changes in my body shape and wellbeing.

I feel great, more positive and have inspired my family to join me on this journey.

“Naomi is inspirational, encouraging and always positive.”

I highly recommend her for anyone thinking they would like to make positive changes in their health and fitness and wanting to shed a few unwanted kilos along the way. For any age or fitness level…


I love training with Naomi! She is so dedicated & passionate and she inspires me so much the best part of our training and the part I enjoy the most is that she has become one of my good friends!
“The biggest change since I started training has definitely been my mental health, I never realised before how much your state of mind plays a huge role in your physical training & Naomi has helped me so much working through my bad days & getting me back on track.”
My favourite part of training with Naomi is training with Naomi! She is so happy & she pushes you to be the best you can be & I love that positive attitude it definitely keeps me motivated!
I 100% recommend Naomi to anyone! She’s amazing & If you want a booty shes the girl to see!
Rhiannan Hutton
What do you enjoy about your training/ relationship with Naomi Glover?
I love training with Naomi once a week, her sessions are always well put together and challenging.
What has been your biggest changes since your training started with Naomi? (mental/physical)
“My goal when I started with Naomi was to improve muscle tone in my glutes and legs, and that’s just what she has done for me”
As well as helping me to get my diet back on track.
What is your favourite part of working with Naomi?
My favourite part about working with Naomi is.. Naomi! She’s an extremely professional yet fun PT to train with. She’s so passionate about what she does and it shows in all of her sessions.
Would you recommend Naomi?
I would absolutely recommend Naomi as a PT. She genuinely loves what she does and I think her dedication to her own personal fitness goals helps make her a great trainer and mentor for others.
Hayley Battaglene

When I first started training with Naomi I was a lazy sloth, gym was one of those places that I just drove past on the way to getting food.

“2 years down the track with the support of Naomi I dread the days that I can’t train”

Without Naomi showing me what to do and helping me mentally get into the right frame of mind I would never be able to train like I do now.

I think it’s the fact that I can laugh with Naomi and she treats every client like a person not a paycheck that makes her such a successful trainer.

Plus who wouldn’t want to train with someone who is so clearly dedicated to their job that they even push themselves to their limits to achieve there own goals of becoming an IFBB Pro.

If I was to write Naomi’s Personal Training Resume for her it would probably read something like this;


Coasts Number one PT




Great Listener

Easy Going


Creative & Innovative with her workouts


Best Peach Plumper around

Amazing Friend


Thanks NG for always supporting me and helping me achieve my goals

Emma Petherick

Thank you Naomi from the bottom of my heart for being there for me through text messages, Facebook, Instagram and emails. You helped keep me motivated! I’m happier, sleeping better, feeling good from eating better. When you commit to the challenge fully and honestly….it works. I have gained so much knowledge on making smart nutritional choices as well as being able to push myself in my exercise. This challenge has been one of the best things I have ever journeyed upon.

Charlene Wheeler