We all know the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle and I’m hear to show you 5 tips on how to make small changes to positively impact your life!

These changes will not only change your body but also your mindset!

  1. Workout – You could have guessed this would be number 1 on the list. Working out – even if it just 30 mins a day will keep your body healthy, muscles strong and keep you in a positive mind frame. Plus you’ll have a lean, fit & toned bod!
  2. Clean out your pantry – Healthy eating leads to a healthy body. Start small – make a few changes and make sure you progress each week. Changing your breakfast is a great start! Cleaning out your pantry and getting ride of processed & high sugar content foods is another great step.
  3. Fibre – Add more FIBRE to your diet and your body will thank you for it! Fibre in every meal will supply your body with vital nutrients it needs to allow your digestive system to work normally and more often. Fibre full foods include apples, almonds, broccoli and much more! It will also keep you fuller for longer.
  4. Water – Are you drinking enough water? 2-3 litres a day is an ideal goal (this will vary person to person, male to female)  Not only does it hydrate your body & skin it also flushes nasty toxins & will get rid that bloated feeling.
  5. You Time – YES! Make time for YOURSELF! Doesn’t matter what it is, massage, walk on the beach or reading! What ever you enjoy doing make time for it. This will clear your mind, help you feel relaxed & give you the energy you need!

I am all about creating a lifestyle you can maintain, one that is always achievable & I do believe in everything in moderation.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like some further help on creating your healthy lifestyle!

ng x