Did you know ALL your organs (including your skin) are built from Proteins? Along with your muscles, hair & nails? Meaning Protein is the body’s building block.

This means Protein is a vital part of your nutritional requirements. It is essential for your body to function & for your muscles to grow.

“No matter what your goals are – whether it be weight loss, body toning or maintaining you NEED protein!”

Meat, fish, eggs, nuts & seeds are all great sources of protein. Including these in your daily meals will boost your protein intake.

Supplements are also a great way to add extra protein to your diet. However you need to remember supplements are exactly that – they should add value to an already healthy & well balanced eating plan. In saying that the need for supplementation is so important these days as our quality of food is not the same as it once was.

A good protein supplement can add great value to your daily nutrition. I use my TSN Fast-Pro directly after my workouts & I will then have my post work out meal shortly after which consists of a protein source & a carbohydrate source.

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Which brings me to my next point – Protein needs fuel to work correctly in your body. Carbohydrates and Good Fats provide this fuel. So remember to have balance with these 3 macronutrients.

I hope this clears up any misconceptions on Protein & Protein Supplements.

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Terri Hanlon – Photographer

Terri Hanlon – Photographer