The Blog – blogging is SO big these days! I have always wanted to start one but I thought to myself…. What could I possibly write about that would be different to every other blog out there? Answer – BE ME!

Now that I have decided to start writing I will aim to educate, inspire, help & encourage you on your health, fitness & lifestyle journey.

“I’ve developed my blog to help positively impact the lives of other young females in a world where the pressure on us to look a certain way or be a certain way is too much”

I need to make this meaningful, I want to show young females how to be confident, healthy and love the body they’re in!

My posts will cover everything on Health, Fitness & Lifestyle. I will be honest, I will help educate & also have some fun along the way!

Our bodies are unique! Creating a healthy body & mind is so important.

So, I’d love to welcome you to my blog – read me while on the treadmill, in the office or on a cosy Sunday morning in bed!

ng x