Who else loves Pancakes? These are my fav
TSN Protein, Peanut Butter, Muesli & Blueberry PANCAKES!


These delish pancakes will add variety in your breakfast with minimal prep time!

* Egg whites (160ml. Frozen egg whites are always easier to prep)
* 1 Serving (34g) of TSN Femme Pro Slim protein powder (chocolate or vanilla)
* 1 Serving of monster muesli (34g. Can use other versions or oats)
* Cinnamon (5g)
* Natural peanut butter (10g)
* Sugar free maple syrup (20g)
* 100g of Frozen Blueberries
* Coconut oil spray (if needed)


1. Add approx 160ml of egg whites to a medium bowl
2. Mix in 1 serving of muesli (33g) with egg whites
3. Then add 1 serving (30-35g) of TSN protein powder and stir thoroughly
4. Add 10g of natural peanut butter and mix well
5. Sprinkle 1 teaspoon (5g) of cinnamon
6. Pre-Heat pan to medium and add coconut spray lightly (if needed)
7. Cook until pancake is just hard enough to flip. Cook for approx another minute once pancake has been flipped on pan.
8. Remove pancake from pan and place on plate and add 20g of sugar free maple syrup over top of pancake (optional)
9. Add 1 Serving (100g) of frozen blueberries (can have small lady finger banana instead of blueberries)

P.47g F.10g C.43g

For more of TSN’s delish recipes click the link below!




As most of you may know, mCompetition prep is now in FULL swing!  We are only 6 weeks out from my Bikini Open Debut. 

I am so excited for my up coming shows; I have many and mixed emotions with it, and nervous is an under statement. 

I’ve been busting my booty to bring a much-improved physique to the stage.  I’ve trained like an athlete, eaten like an athlete and thought like an athlete. 

I had 2 months as my ‘off season’ where my aim was to increase my strength and muscle mass.  I am confident I have built on my key areas – booty and shoulders.

Now, my next two upcoming shows are the Queensland State Titles which are in the 16th October, and then the Nationals which run over 2 days,  22nd – 23rd October.

Amongst all the excitement, this prep has most definitely by far been my hardest yet.  My body has taken such a long time to respond, and I have certainly been feeling the effects of stress on my body. … But now, I can confidently say that I’m finally happy with how its all coming together! 

What I needed to continually remind myself, was to trust the process. People are forever saying this – but it is SO true. You need to have consistency and a well structured plan if you want to achieve your goals.  And this goes for any goals, big or small… Trust the process!

On another note, I’ve recently opened up a few spots to take on some new online clients. But there genuinely is only a couple of spots available. If you’re in the thought process at the moment where you think you could benefit, and want to talk more on how I can help you achieve your goals, please contact me today.

Ng x 

Being strong not only in your body but your mind as well is SO important.

A strong body is so important for your health. You will have strong bones, joints & muscles. This leads to a strong mind. You will have positive thoughts, be happy & determined in all aspects of life! The confidence you gain from training is incredible.

I believe these 2 things will change your life.

How do you do it? Start small – start with 1 – 2 weight/resistance training sessions to get your muscles moving. Once your body takes to this style of training you can then increase your days and also the intensity/weight lifted.

I do suggest a tailored training program to allow for progression and correct training method to suit your goals. Seek the help or advice from a fitness professional before you start your weights training to ensure correct technique.

Trust me you will see not only a change in your body (toned, lean & strength) but your mindset will change completely.

ng x

The number one reason most people say they aren’t exercising or leading a healthy lifestyle is – ‘No motivation’

I wanted to share with you a snippet of what I spoke to my 8 Week Challengers about on Motivation – Finding it & keeping it!

What is motivation?

Definition – A reason or reasons for acting or behaving in a particular way.

What I would love to encourage you to do is write down what motivates you. It can be 1 thing or 10 things. What ever it may be write it down & put it somewhere you’ll see everyday!

This is going to help remind you daily what motivates you.

The thought process I’m going to share with you will help you keep your motivation.

Opportunity VS Obligation

I absolutely love this.

In a nutshell it means to view everything in life as an opportunity NOT an obligation.

The definition of opportunity is – “a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something”

To put this in to practice is quiet easy! Whether it be your workouts, a new challenge in life or eating healthy for the day you simply need to view these as an OPPORTUNITY to better your health, better your life & achieve your goals.

When you feel obligated to do something it takes away any positive association with it. You should never feel obligated to do anything in life.

This being said everyone will have negative thoughts at some point – it’s how you handle them that will change your life. My way of doing this – overwhelm them with POSTITIVE actions.

“Overwhelm negative thoughts with positive actions”

I truly believe in the power of positive thinking & I know positive ACTIONS can count for so much!

KEEPING your motivation has a lot to do with this thought process.

If I am struggling to find motivation I think about the opportunity, the opportunity to be healthy, the opportunity to be stronger and the opportunity to be great at what I do.

Don’t look at it as an obligation. Not something you have to do or someone is making you do. YOU have to want it. You need to seize your opportunity. This is how you are going to stay motivated.

Opportunity VS Obligation

I’ll leave you with my final thought –

If you want something you’ve never had before, if you want to change your life – CHANGE YOUR MENTALITY. Opportunities show themselves everyday – seize them.

Remind yourself of what motivates you each and everyday.

ng x

In this blog I simply want to highlight the importance of SUPPORT.

Having a great support network around you can really increase the likeliness of you achieving your goals along with making your life a lot easier!

I wanted to share a little bit of my Comp Prep journey with you to give you an insight on who I have in my support network.

Over the last 6 months I have been prepping for the IFBB Queensland Titles. I competed in the Bikini Novice division. I had the BEST time & loved every minute of comp day. I feel very honoured to say I placed 1st in my division! I know I could not have done it with out the support of 3 main people.


Just like any other Bikini Athlete I got myself a Coach. (Not just any Coach, I got the best in the business!) Mike Debenham, IFBB Pro (Pictured) I have learnt so much from Mike & I am forever grateful for his help & guidance. The support he gave me was truly appreciated.

Find someone who can tell you the honest truths, help educate you & take your training to the next level.


Through out my prep the biggest battle was keeping my mind strong. There were definitely days that were harder than others & I am fortunate enough to have a very supportive partner (Josh) who helped me through those tough days.

Being a Personal Trainer my mornings already start quite early add comp prep on top of this & I’m awake at 3am. (I always do a cardio session to start the day & then my workday starts at 5:30am)

Obviously this makes for a long day, training for my comp & being as busy as I am with work meant Josh & I got less & less time together. We planned our time well due to this & I cannot thank him enough for the help he provides me with. (Including meal prepping for me)

Having the support from family & loved ones is vital. Sit down with them, talk to them about your goals & ASK for their support.


My work life is crazy & I am extremely fortunate to have a supportive mentor. Coby pushes me to better myself everyday, not only in my sport but in my work as well. It’s really great to have someone like him who understands the amount of time I put into my sport & can teach me how to balance both.

Tell your work colleagues, mentors or your boss. Their support in your health and fitness goals can be so beneficial. (More than you think!)

As you can see SUPPORT is so important – in any aspect of life. Ensure you have the support network you need to achieve your goals & be the best YOU you can be!

ng x

Comp Day

The Blog – blogging is SO big these days! I have always wanted to start one but I thought to myself…. What could I possibly write about that would be different to every other blog out there? Answer – BE ME!

Now that I have decided to start writing I will aim to educate, inspire, help & encourage you on your health, fitness & lifestyle journey.

“I’ve developed my blog to help positively impact the lives of other young females in a world where the pressure on us to look a certain way or be a certain way is too much”

I need to make this meaningful, I want to show young females how to be confident, healthy and love the body they’re in!

My posts will cover everything on Health, Fitness & Lifestyle. I will be honest, I will help educate & also have some fun along the way!

Our bodies are unique! Creating a healthy body & mind is so important.

So, I’d love to welcome you to my blog – read me while on the treadmill, in the office or on a cosy Sunday morning in bed!

ng x