Have you ever walked into the gym, your heart sinks and you feel like EVERYONE is staring at you?

Yup, we’ve all been there! Even me. Although realistically 99% of the males are to busy staring at themselves flexing in the mirror & the other girls are probably thinking the same thing as you.

I have devised a red hot plan to make your time in the gym MORE enjoyable & LESS uncomfortable.

  1. Personal Trainer

This is one of the best ways to get comfortable and familiar with the gym. They will teach you correct technique and boost your confidence while training. They will also give you a program to do when you are in the gym alone. That way you head into the gym with a plan, get it done & leave you not having to think while you’re there!

  1. Pack Your Head Phones

Music! Having your headphones in will instantly turn your mind off. Blast your favourite music & smash your workout.

  1. Comfy Gym Clothes

We all know that feeling you get when you have a new outfit! The confidence you have when you love outfit you have on is amazing, use this in the gym! A new set of gym clothes can leave you feeling sexy, confident & ready to work!

  1. Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are a great way to keep you accountable & help you meet new people in the gym. Most group fitness classes cater to all fitness levels. Make sure you introduce yourself to the instructor that way they can keep an eye on you and ensure you get the most out of the class.

  1. Training Buddy

This is another cool way to keep you accountable as well as keep on track with your goals. Having someone by your side at the gym can make the world of difference. It is also great because it can boost your competitive side!

Try these 5 things & see if they make a difference to your gym life. Not all will work for everyone so find the one that works best for you and roll with it!

Remember everyone has to start somewhere and it is usually out side your comfort zone.

Ng x