5 shows last year! What a BIG year in the IFBB world for me. 

Gold Coast Classic (Feb) 

The Arnold Classic Australia 

Bikini Division (Mar)

Arnold Classic Model Search (Mar) 

Queensland State Titles (Oct) 

Australian National Titles (Oct)

I learnt a lot last year and have really enjoyed seeing the changes in my physique. 

Competing has been one of the toughest things I’ve ever done. 

This sport tests you – day in day out. 

It’s on your mind 24/7 

We don’t just show up to training do our thing and then leave. 

This sport requires you to make it a lifestyle.

I train twice a day, eat my measured meals 6 times a day, and practice my routine every day. 

Your whole world ends up revolving around this sport – and to be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way! 

It’s taught me so much discipline with my training, nutrition, my time and sleep. 

I’m stronger mentally than I’ve ever been before and have learnt to roll with the punches. If it pushes you down you get straight back up! 

I want to encourage girls out there – either new to or seasoned to the gym and training… To keep at it! Every day will bring you closer to your goals!

Ng x

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Have you heard?? 

My new Plump Your Peach program has gone crazy! 

Transforming booty’s across the Sunshine Coast and now across AUSTRALIA! 

I’ve been working hard to get the PYP program available ONLINE and it’s now here!

Coming off the back of my highly successful 6 Week Booty Building program, the Plump Your Peach online workout plan just hit next level!

After recently being voted the Sunshine Coast’s FAVOURITE Personal Trainer, I am here to help you strip fat, tighten your Peach and transform your body!
 This extensive program targets your peach, thighs and tummy while getting you in the FAT BURNING zone. I’ve also added 2 upper body workouts to tone your arms as well, and I work closely with you on your Healthy Eating – to ensure you get the results you want!

I have seen first hand the benefits these programs have on people’s lives- so designing this program has made me so happy as I’ve created it from scratch with love!!

Can’t wait to share the love and hear what you think!



Coming off the back of my highly successful 6 Week BootyBuilding Program, I have now launched a Summer Saturday morning Plump Your Peach Class!

If you want to strip fat, tighten your peach and get your body ready for summer this class is for you!

What: a 45 minute workout that targets your Peach (Booty), thighs & tummy while getting you in the FAT BURNING zone.

Where: Based at the beautiful beaches on the Sunshine Coast

When: Next in take starts 3rd December (4 week blocks must be secured)

Cost: $80 for 4 week block

Spots are LIMITED. 

We are currently coming into week 4 of the first in take & spots will fill up FAST for our next start date.

To secure your spot or if you’d like an information pack please contact me on:


Big Love

Ng xx

If you haven’t heard already – Booty bands are here and are now shaping BOOTY’s right across Australia & NZ! 


There’s been a massive hype around my exclusive 6 Week BootyBuilding Program! The very first 6 week program was launched 11 June and is specifically designed for females, promoting lean muscle gain, fat loss and maintainable lifestyle changes!

The program uses the Aura Eve Booty Bands.

What are Booty Bands? Aura Eve has added a girly twist to a widely used product (many athletes use them) and now we can look at these resistance bands in a whole new light. It’s all about the BOOTY!


They are not only great for helping with improving athletic performance, but also are great for building strength, building lean muscle and creating a learner physique. The activation you get through your glutes while using the Bands is amazing. If you want toner, tighter glutes – then you need these! 


The benefits of using your own body mechanics to increase tension during the exercise are second to none. The Booty Bands do not place additional burden on the ligaments and joints so you can fully trust them, and direct your full attention to the repetitions and the technique – in turn meaning EXTREME booty burn. 


During the 6 week program we target and work on

•      Legs

•      Glutes

•      Hip Flexors

•      Core

I am so proud of this program and I am currently working on the launch of the second program, as well as online #BootyBuilding!

In the mean time you can check out here –


Ng x

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Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to be back writing my blogs! I’ve missed writing, whilst juggling some new and exciting things I’ve been working on!

One of which, is Small Group Training sessions, and I’m excited to announce that these launch next week! This is something that I’ve been buzzing to share with you guys!

These sessions are specifically designed for you to achieve your goals while training in a group environment. The sessions are limited to 4 ladies per class!

I’ve designed them to be cost effective and based around the idea of having support in your training. Having support is super important and I truly believe training around like-minded people will be a massive benefit to anyone taking part.

Training as a group can be so much fun, it keeps you accountable to your other group members and also sparks team moral!

It’s a cost effective way of training will help you fast track your results, train hard and effectively while achieving maintainable lifestyle changes with like minded people.

We kick off next week and I am looking to grow the number of sessions each week.  Hurry, there are only so many hours in each day and limited spots, so if you’re keen to take your training to the next level in this super supportive environment, email me today!  You don’t need to worry about finding a friend to join with you, I receive enquiries from individuals and pairs of friends, so I’m here to help put the groups together!!!

Can’t wait to hear from you

Ng xx


Terri Hanlon Photography

Terri Hanlon Photography

Terri Hanlon Photography

Terri Hanlon Photography

Terri Hanlon Photography

Terri Hanlon Photography

What is your fitness goal??

It doesn’t matter what your goal is – fat lose, build muscle, to have consistency in your training, heavier lift – everyone will have different goals & my biggest advice for this is to write them down!

Fitness goals can be performance based or appearance based.

When working on your Goals it’s important that they are:



Thought out

Once you have established your goals – you can then break them down, get more specific & work out an action plan. Breaking your goals down into an achievable timeline is a great way for you to keep on track. Choosing a training style/ program that matches your goal is vital. Working with a Trainer will prove important in this step.


What do you do once you’ve achieved your goals?

You’ll find once you’ve achieved your first goal set you’ll already have another in mind! Continually re-evaluating your goals is important to allow you to develop & change.

So remember to:

Start small

Put pen to paper

Put them somewhere you’ll see everyday!

ng x

Being strong not only in your body but your mind as well is SO important.

A strong body is so important for your health. You will have strong bones, joints & muscles. This leads to a strong mind. You will have positive thoughts, be happy & determined in all aspects of life! The confidence you gain from training is incredible.

I believe these 2 things will change your life.

How do you do it? Start small – start with 1 – 2 weight/resistance training sessions to get your muscles moving. Once your body takes to this style of training you can then increase your days and also the intensity/weight lifted.

I do suggest a tailored training program to allow for progression and correct training method to suit your goals. Seek the help or advice from a fitness professional before you start your weights training to ensure correct technique.

Trust me you will see not only a change in your body (toned, lean & strength) but your mindset will change completely.

ng x

Have you ever walked into the gym, your heart sinks and you feel like EVERYONE is staring at you?

Yup, we’ve all been there! Even me. Although realistically 99% of the males are to busy staring at themselves flexing in the mirror & the other girls are probably thinking the same thing as you.

I have devised a red hot plan to make your time in the gym MORE enjoyable & LESS uncomfortable.

  1. Personal Trainer

This is one of the best ways to get comfortable and familiar with the gym. They will teach you correct technique and boost your confidence while training. They will also give you a program to do when you are in the gym alone. That way you head into the gym with a plan, get it done & leave you not having to think while you’re there!

  1. Pack Your Head Phones

Music! Having your headphones in will instantly turn your mind off. Blast your favourite music & smash your workout.

  1. Comfy Gym Clothes

We all know that feeling you get when you have a new outfit! The confidence you have when you love outfit you have on is amazing, use this in the gym! A new set of gym clothes can leave you feeling sexy, confident & ready to work!

  1. Group Fitness

Group fitness classes are a great way to keep you accountable & help you meet new people in the gym. Most group fitness classes cater to all fitness levels. Make sure you introduce yourself to the instructor that way they can keep an eye on you and ensure you get the most out of the class.

  1. Training Buddy

This is another cool way to keep you accountable as well as keep on track with your goals. Having someone by your side at the gym can make the world of difference. It is also great because it can boost your competitive side!

Try these 5 things & see if they make a difference to your gym life. Not all will work for everyone so find the one that works best for you and roll with it!

Remember everyone has to start somewhere and it is usually out side your comfort zone.

Ng x

Females and Weight Training

This is a topic that ALWAYS comes up. More often than not females come to me that have spent countless hours of cardio training and ab training to find they aren’t getting where they want to be! As soon as we hit the weight room together their physiques change – toned, lean & confident!

I want to run through some reasons why you should lift your way to a toned, fit & healthy body!


1.Burn Fat While You Sleep

Strength training is great for burning fat even after you leave the gym!

The more lean muscle your body holds the higher your metabolic rate – there for keeps your body burning calories while resting.

2. Strong Mind

This is my FAVORITE! A healthy, strong mind is so important! Weight training not only challenges your body but also challenges your mind. Your confidence will grow and give you a sense of empowerment.

3. Strong Bones

Yup! Strength training is not only good for your mind and muscles it is great for your bones. It helps increase your bone density. As well as reducing joint pain – strong muscles will help support your joints.

4. Lean, Fit & Healthy

Its one of the biggest myths out there! Us girls will NOT get bulky from weight training; it’s quite the opposite. We simply don’t produce enough testosterone. This means it limits the muscle we can develop compared to males. Although muscle does ‘weigh’ more than fat, you will see the difference in your centimetres lost!

I hope these 4 reasons will help get you into the weights room.

This is a topic I am really passionate about so look out for more posts on this!

For now, please feel free to contact me via the ‘contact’ button if you have any questions!

ng x

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