Females and Weight Training

This is a topic that ALWAYS comes up. More often than not females come to me that have spent countless hours of cardio training and ab training to find they aren’t getting where they want to be! As soon as we hit the weight room together their physiques change – toned, lean & confident!

I want to run through some reasons why you should lift your way to a toned, fit & healthy body!


1.Burn Fat While You Sleep

Strength training is great for burning fat even after you leave the gym!

The more lean muscle your body holds the higher your metabolic rate – there for keeps your body burning calories while resting.

2. Strong Mind

This is my FAVORITE! A healthy, strong mind is so important! Weight training not only challenges your body but also challenges your mind. Your confidence will grow and give you a sense of empowerment.

3. Strong Bones

Yup! Strength training is not only good for your mind and muscles it is great for your bones. It helps increase your bone density. As well as reducing joint pain – strong muscles will help support your joints.

4. Lean, Fit & Healthy

Its one of the biggest myths out there! Us girls will NOT get bulky from weight training; it’s quite the opposite. We simply don’t produce enough testosterone. This means it limits the muscle we can develop compared to males. Although muscle does ‘weigh’ more than fat, you will see the difference in your centimetres lost!

I hope these 4 reasons will help get you into the weights room.

This is a topic I am really passionate about so look out for more posts on this!

For now, please feel free to contact me via the ‘contact’ button if you have any questions!

ng x

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