As most of you may know, mCompetition prep is now in FULL swing!  We are only 6 weeks out from my Bikini Open Debut. 

I am so excited for my up coming shows; I have many and mixed emotions with it, and nervous is an under statement. 

I’ve been busting my booty to bring a much-improved physique to the stage.  I’ve trained like an athlete, eaten like an athlete and thought like an athlete. 

I had 2 months as my ‘off season’ where my aim was to increase my strength and muscle mass.  I am confident I have built on my key areas – booty and shoulders.

Now, my next two upcoming shows are the Queensland State Titles which are in the 16th October, and then the Nationals which run over 2 days,  22nd – 23rd October.

Amongst all the excitement, this prep has most definitely by far been my hardest yet.  My body has taken such a long time to respond, and I have certainly been feeling the effects of stress on my body. … But now, I can confidently say that I’m finally happy with how its all coming together! 

What I needed to continually remind myself, was to trust the process. People are forever saying this – but it is SO true. You need to have consistency and a well structured plan if you want to achieve your goals.  And this goes for any goals, big or small… Trust the process!

On another note, I’ve recently opened up a few spots to take on some new online clients. But there genuinely is only a couple of spots available. If you’re in the thought process at the moment where you think you could benefit, and want to talk more on how I can help you achieve your goals, please contact me today.

Ng x