If you haven’t heard already – Booty bands are here and are now shaping BOOTY’s right across Australia & NZ! 


There’s been a massive hype around my exclusive 6 Week BootyBuilding Program! The very first 6 week program was launched 11 June and is specifically designed for females, promoting lean muscle gain, fat loss and maintainable lifestyle changes!

The program uses the Aura Eve Booty Bands.

What are Booty Bands? Aura Eve has added a girly twist to a widely used product (many athletes use them) and now we can look at these resistance bands in a whole new light. It’s all about the BOOTY!


They are not only great for helping with improving athletic performance, but also are great for building strength, building lean muscle and creating a learner physique. The activation you get through your glutes while using the Bands is amazing. If you want toner, tighter glutes – then you need these! 


The benefits of using your own body mechanics to increase tension during the exercise are second to none. The Booty Bands do not place additional burden on the ligaments and joints so you can fully trust them, and direct your full attention to the repetitions and the technique – in turn meaning EXTREME booty burn. 


During the 6 week program we target and work on

•      Legs

•      Glutes

•      Hip Flexors

•      Core

I am so proud of this program and I am currently working on the launch of the second program, as well as online #BootyBuilding!

In the mean time you can check out here –


Ng x

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